Epilepsy support for you, when and where you want it.

We connect you to others in micro-groups who are experiencing the same thing.


How it works

The small groups we create in WhatsApp connect you to others like you anytime of day, anywhere.

We mean very similar people who have the same type of seizures, medications, career, family, friends or personal challenges

It's simple!




Take part!

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The team

Project founder & lead: Abbas Hasan, social entrepreneur.

Steering committee:

Adina Nash, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, Royal Free Hospital London

Roland Grant, diagnosed with epilepsy in 2011

Medical advisors:

Dr. Rebecca Liu, Consultant Neurologist at The Royal Free Hospital London

Dr. Zhaleh Khaleeli, Neurologist, London

As well as the contribution from countless families and people with epilepsy.